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Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday

To Me!
Today is my 28th Birthday and I am in Pacific Beach, San Diego getting ready for work.
I am happy to be working on my Birthday, because, well, it's not like its going to be a bad day! Besides, after receiving a "birthday box" from my parents containing all my old mail that has accumulated since May, a card and a check, I need the money!
"All my old mail" really means 5 months of Conde Nast Traveler mags, some credit card offers and a past-due bill from Comcast that has been turned over to collections. Oh yeah, and a notice from Unemployment in Delaware, informing me that I OWE them $101.85 for "overpayment."
Seriously? Why give me the money if I'm not supposed to spend it?
I will be paying Comcast their money ASAP because I need a clear credit report to be able to do what I want, when I want.
Unemployment shouldn't hold their breath waiting for my cash.
Nevertheless, I am happy it is my birthday! And I am happy to be working! Kind of a change from my year of periodic joblessness and vagrancy at 27.
Kickin' this one off right.
Its time to make some money!