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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Virus Ambush!

So I've been absent from blogging (and the internet as whole) for a few days now. I got a virus off a bogus link on facebook. If any of you opened a link where I "sent" you where, 'you won't believe what you are doing in this video' (or something along those lines). Scan your computer now. Invest in a good antivirus if you don't already have one.
After two different system restores (costing roughly $450) in six years and maxing out the memory capacity at the end of last summer, I think my old 'pooter is staggering to its grave.
My laziness and abject poverty prevented me from investing in antivirus software at the last system reboot. The 'pooter people should have just put it back on, but they didn't. They also didn't put many of the programs I had previously back onto my hard drive. This is because Lu, the South Korean computer whiz from Friendly Computers (in Upstate Delaware, don't contact them) cleaned out my system after the first virus and put bootleg copies of all my programs back on.
I went to Alaska for the summer while everything on my computer was still pretty functional. When I returned and unpacked all my belongings out of storage, the virus had time to render my computer pretty much useless. While I was still at the newspaper (I am former reporter and still write freelance), I didn't so much care, but once the tides shifted and I felt as though I was going to need to leave that job, I started getting my computer fixed.
I'll spare you some of the particulars, but basically now it is 4 months after I left the paper and maxed the memory on my computer and it has gone to hell again.
I need a new computer. Soon. I am at my parent's house writing this blog on a Saturday night at 12:30. (Lets not even go there).
Here's my requirements for a new comp:
It must:

  • Be A laptop
  • Be compact, but not so small that my huge man hands won't be able to type with speed and accuracy.
  • Be able to hold my music (for the 30 gb ipod I will be buying to replace my ancient, struggling mini.)
  • Have a word processing program.
  • Have internet capabilities.
  • Have the memory to also store some photos.

I dont' think that's too much to ask. In fact, I think I can probably get said laptop for around $350, but I am not sure. These $350 computers, called netbooks, seem like just what I'm looking for, but I worry that I will just be asking too much of the memory if I expect it to handle photos, music, wordprocessing and internet (even though that shouldn't be too much to ask... AT ALL!)

Does anyone know any good little laptops? I worked on Macs for the first time when I was at the newspaper, but they are pretty pricey and I'm ballin' on a budget.

This is so dumb, but the computer virus thing has really gotten to me and when I realize that fact, I get even angrier about it all. It's just a stupid computer, for chrissakes, but I just started this blog and I really want to make regular posts. I think I can do something with it if I just follow through with it.

Do you want to know how dumb I really am about all of this? The other night, I actually got angry because I "couldn't" write. Not that I couldn't type, not that I didn't have the skills to convey thoughts in the format of the written word, not even that I didn't have a pen and a piece of paper.

I "couldn't" write because my computer won't get online now. I almost had a chance to fix this issue, but I just kept picking the wrong door and making the wrong moves and I dont' really have a means to fix it. Probably a $50 antivirus kit or somthing would work, but that is more money spent on bullshi. when I just want to save that money to get a new comp completely.

Not only do I want to get rid of my cumbersome, jurassic laptop, I want to get rid of a lot of my belongings. I'm tired of accumulating stuff. These belongings rarely make my life much easier. I don't need much and I'm absolutely sick of having to tote this crap from from place to place or put it in storage. Furnature that I can't even lift means I have to wrangle friends of boyfriends or my good ole dad to help me lug this shit up and down apartment stairs. I hate it.

Really, in my book, less is becoming more. A lot more.

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