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Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Department of Public Etiquette welcomes you aboard as a cadet of Etiquette Police certification program. This course will provide you with some very useful information on dealing with varied social situations for a polished and professional outlook. This course is divided into the following five units:

1. Dine like a diplomat
2. Business Etiquette
3. Cultural Notes
4. Wedding Etiquette
5. Potpourri

This was in an email I received after looking up etiquette online. The Ettiquette Police are a free online training course sponsored by outside organization:

Sounds great, doesn't it?
The sponsoring business is WalkTall ELEVATOR SHOES!

I tried to sign up for the class before I did my research but fortunately, or unfortunately for my manners, it seemed like the equivalent of a "beard." Guys obsessed with appearances and manners would clearly be up for some elevator shoes, it seems.

I've never had a need for elevator shoes, thankfully. I haven't stuffed my bra either. What can I say? I'm blessed.

Etiquette Police, I think it is terrible manners to lead me to a site that doesn't teach me any of the above, highlighted etiquette. Maybe I'm mistaken, maybe I can get that course if I follow up on a long list of nonsense, but you are a long way from Emily Post.

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