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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dark Side of the Moon

What a weekend. Good, bad, ugly, sad.

I lost a friend. I used to babysit this guy. RIP Andrew Geyer. Tragic.

I dressed for prom, but didn't go. That was on Valentine's Day night. A bar was hosting an 80s prom party so I went to the Salvation Army, bought a dress and teased my hair. I also drank most of bottle of wine. I lost my nerve and woke up on Sunday to a beam of sunlight that found its way through the crack in my blinds and into my retina.

Really, I'm not too bummed about missing prom. A girl I used to work with is hosting an 80s prom party of her own this weekend. Round two, ding ding.

This girl who is hosting the prom party is also largely responsible for another episode of my weekend. I got FIRED on Thursday. Fucking Fired. I've never been fired, but I don't really care. Now I will have more time to write and will just have to cut costs so I can live within my means: unemployment.

In brighter news, I decided now that I have no job in addition to unemployment, but I am still being paid to do nothing, I will dedicate myself to writing with renewed vigor.

I attended my first freewrite with the Rehoboth Beach Writers Guild. If was awesome. They have 5 of them each week and now, they will be my workshops.

I think I have an idea for a book. They were really receptive to my Alaska stories at the freewrite. I want to write a novella of short stories based mostly on my own stories and experiences, mixed in with a little dramatic irony.

The book will be titled Dark Side of the Moon and the door to my shanty in Alaska will be on the cover.


Hall of Records Katie said...

where were you working?!?! how could anyone fire you?!?!

Molly Mac said...

I was working at this bar/restaurant called Finbar. It's right next to Dogfish Head on Rehoboth Ave and I probably got fired because I had no respect for management. If I were management, I'd fire me too, but if I were management, I also wouldn't be a piece of shit "recovering" alcoholic with a house in foreclosure and a thing for Russian girls.